A bright translucent neon
orange named after the glowing
orange gases found dancing around
the sun.          


A vibrant translucent neon blue
named as a tribute to four beautiful
and wild boys- the unbreakable bond
between mother and son.

Hot Damn, Violet
A translucent neon purple that
scandalously leaves you weak
in the knees.

Moms Night Out
A coral undertoned translucent
neon red that is subdued
at first but ends up being the
life of the party.

La La Love Ya
The perfect translucent neon pink
you can’t help but fall madly in love

Soul Full Of Sunshine
A bright translucent neon yellow
with the slightest touch of green
named after the feeling it
induces, pure joy.

NEONS by Anissa

The most vibrant paint on the planet! ...Our paint formula has clay and chalk like paint properties, it has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reconstitutes with water, and blends beautifully with other brands and colors. The formula’s chalk-like properties give your projects insane coverage and the option for a super-smooth or textured finish. 

Ground Control
Our softest, most pure white
contains nothing but the
finest white pigment.

It pulls pure, it’s rich in titanium dioxide 👈🏻 the golden child of paint ingredients, it has supreme blendability, and insane coverage. It doesn’t POP like the NEONS, but we guarantee it’s anything but boring.

There’s some serious chemistry going on with our colors!


This color’s name conjures up the
exact right shade in our mind; a
complex nautical blue inspired by the
pelagic waters found in the
Gulf of Mexico.

Like a radiant turquoise lagoon,
this pristine aqua is inspired by
the tropical waters found in the
South Pacific.Hibiscus


A wildly romantic coral that
takes its name from the tropical
Hibiscus flower.

Lemon Shark
A soft yellow that sneaks up on
you and delivers a bright bite.

Scuba Girl
An adventurous purple with pink
undertones named after a woman
who knows no limits and her time
spent on the ocean.Sea La Vie

NO.23 Sea La Vie 
This deep intoxicating teal’s name
comes from the shade of the sea
found in the coastal waters of Worn To Whimsy

A wildly romantic coral that
takes its name from the tropical
Hibiscus flower.

Major Tom
A true black named to reflect
the furthest reaches of space.

Llewelyn Krastev is a brilliant artist who has set the painted furniture and art world on fire. Her jaw dropping sunsets and coastal inspired landscapes are beyond compare. The color curated COASTAL collection Llewelyn dreamed up for this Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint line is nothing short of sensational

Daydream Apothecary's  Botanicals .

Forest Rain

, Calm Palm,

Blushing Coral,

Garden of Eden,

Blooming Lovely

 Deadly Nightshade.

 Free Spirit With Bella Renovare by Crys’Dawna
Nirvana- A calming nude with peach and pink undertones.let this
calming color out you in a transcendent state.

Maverick- An electric color with orange and coral tones; the one who
breaks all the rules and stands alone while she does it.
A true magenta reflecting a highly creative spirit. Let this color drive
your own aura to create in a world of passion, eccentricity, and high
Spirit Adrift
A dusty lavender with depth and dimension like no other. combining
grey undertones to allow this color to take you away.
Living Light
A true chartreuse; emitting a light from within
Cosmic Conquest
A special minty green with blue undertones; sure to take you on a wild

Natural sage and dried eucalyptus collide for a fresh yet muted green with blue undertones

Like a city skyline at dusk, this sophisticated urban grey with blue undertones is dark and mysterious

Picture a swan pond in the French countryside; a noble muted blue with green undertones

.Rope Swing
Aged barn wood and earthy sterling grey come together with all the feelings of home

 Comfort Zone
A worn white you’ll want to cozy up with. Reminiscent of a warm cable knit sweater with slight grey and yellow undertones Pre order available 

Poison Ivy
Inspired by the reddish purple tips of poison ivy leaves; this chameleon earthy plum changes mysteriously with light.