Clay & Chalk Paint Brushes

> Frida 2" Flat Clay & Chalk Paint Brush

> MAYA 1" Oval Long Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint Brush

> Helen Oval Long 1 .5" Clay & Chalk Paint Brush

> Ruth 1.5" Oval Short Clay & Chalk Paint Brush

> The Crys’Dawna Brush

> The Anissa Brush

Apothecary specialty Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint brushes are hand crafted from soft yet durable chisel-tipped techno-synthetic white bristles. Every brush is securely epoxied into a beautiful and sturdy kiln dried white birch handle designed for superior comfort. The contoured oval brush head is densely-packed to hold more paint while our flat brush is ideal for blending and those hard to reach places. Our brushes are specifically designed to perform beautifully on all surfaces, for all chalk painting techniques as well as wax and top coat application.

Daydream Apothecary brushes have been curated to represent trailblazing iconic women who inspire the artist in us all. Our hope is every time you pick up a Daydream brush you feel empowered to take risks, believe in yourself, find your artistic voice and paint freely with creative abandon.

Each Daydream Apothecary brush is handmade in the United States with the most techno-advanced synthetic material made to mimic boar hair bristles. Our commitment to ethical, cruelty free practices guarantees NO BOARS were harmed in the making of our brushes!

Simply clean our brushes with soap and water to keep them in tip top shape.